Teacher Portfolios Made Easy

Quickly and Easily gather evidence for Teacher Accreditation

See your Impact

Save Time

Get confident with the standards

Creating Evidence of Impact Shouldn't be Hard

Overwhelm is no fun.  Don’t get held back or stop learning. 

You deserve to see your impact and pass accreditation.

We'll build your portfolio.
You fill it with evidence.

Get straight to the important job of understanding your Impact.

Practice First

Focus on what matters, your students and colleagues. We'll show you how to connect what you already do with the standards

Stop Guessing

No more worrying about whether you have the right focus area or standard. Edufolios helps you to connect the right dots with confidence

Get Confident

As you really understand the difference you are making and how you can be an even better teacher.

"Quality Artefacts"

A space to store and give context to the supporting evidence for your story of practice. Let's celebrate the difference you're making

Be Proactive

Slow down, reflect and grow. Take charge of your reflections and stop feeling overwhelmed by the standards!

Save time

Zero time wasted building a site. No time wasted worrying about the standards. More time focused on your impact.

We know what's it's like to feel the pressure and judgement of those teaching standards...

.....and we're not ok with that​

From the moment you begin your journey as an educator you start imagining the difference you’ll make in the world… But what happens when paperwork and the pressure of the job stop you seeing that difference? What if the teaching standards could show you?

4 Steps to Stress-Free Evidence with Edufolios

Step 1

Start Your Free Trial

Sign up, choose a subscription, and in under seven seconds you'll have a fully functional portfolio. Ready to go! It's yours for 14 days for FREE.

Step 2

Write about your work

Use Edufolios to write about what you're doing write now in your degree (Grad), your classroom (Prof) with your colleagues (H.A.) or at your site (Lead)

Step 3

Identify Standards

Use our unique tools to find out which standards and focus areas you're covering in your practice and which artefacts you need to back that up.

Step 4

Increase Impact

Quickly see your strengths, plan PD and connect with the impact you're making . This is where the teacher standards celebrate YOU and your accreditation!

So good at gathering evidence you'll be able to teach someone else...

.....how very Highly Accomplished of you​

Edufolios creates a teacher portfolio that puts what really matters firstthe difference you are making with your students, your colleagues and your community.  

An Edufolios teacher reflects on what they do already in their classroom and uses our tools to connect their practice to the teaching standards to see and celebrate their impact.  They are clear about what’s working well in their classrooms and schools and know exactly what steps to take to get even better.  Their portfolio of practice is filled with evidence that recharges and reinvigorates them as they pass accreditation and complete teacher registration with ease

A group of teachers sharing and reflecting with Edufolios


Straight to reflecting. No site building required.


A clear pathway to accreditation success


Inspire your team to be the best they can be


Deeper understanding of practice.

Free eBook - Standards Guide

Get your Evidence Right First Time

Creating Evidence against the teacher standads?

Whether you’re working at Uni on your TPA, proficient or HALT, you know you’re going to need to create evidence of impact. 

This free Ebook shares five secrets you need to know to remove the overwhelm and progress your career.

"I got Full Registration and THEN Highly Accomplished all in three years"

Using Edufolios gave me the confidence and reassurance to apply for full registration and move from graduate to proficient and then to Highly Accomplished. I have advanced so much personally and professionally through reflecting on my practice with Edufolios."

Kat Zagotsis
Accidental Leader, Certified HAT.

"Gave me the confidence to put what I'd learnt into practice"

As a graduate I got to build my professional portfolio as a teacher and move forward into my career. It wasn't about ticking some boxes for an assignment, it was a springboard to my career.
Kerry Grey Edufolios teacher portfolio example
Kerry Grey
Got a High Distinction on her Portfolio


Straight to reflecting. No site building required.


A clear pathway to accreditation success


Inspire your team to be the best they can be


Deeper understanding of practice.

Yes, you can build a teacher portfolio without stress

Create your portfolio in under 10 seconds!

Accreditation should be about celebration and growth

Feel valued and progress your career


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