Evidence Set 3 – Pre-Service Teacher Coordinator 2019

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In 2019 I became the coordinator for Pre-Service Teachers (PST) at Westminster School.


  • To provide a high quality program for Pre-Service Teachers (PST).
  • To be known as a school that provides exemplary Professional Learning (PL) in a life long learning focused community.
  • Enable the PST to develop collaborative relationships.
  • That PST undertaking a practicum at Westminster School aim to become outstanding teachers who have maximum impact on student learning.

What I have done

(6.2, 7.2) I initiated collaborative relationships to expand professional learning opportunities, engage in research, and provide quality opportunities and placements for PST, see artefact 2 (PST video) and artefact 3 (page 2 – 32). As part of my role as the PST Coordinator I have initiated, developed and implemented relevant policies and processes to support colleagues’ with and understanding of existing and new legislative, administrative, organisational and professional responsibilities.  I developed a policy artefact 1 (page 2), which would support both the mentors teachers (who are all part of the Westminster HALT Group), the PST and I to know what responsibilities each person would have at the different stages of the practicum process.  The checklist was amended in August 2019 to include a pre-placement interview between the PST and the potential mentor, this is to ensure the PST and mentor are a good match and also that the PST is an appropriate person to work at Westminster School, see artefact 1 (page 3).  This would include meeting the expectations of personal appearance, manner with staff/students and effectiveness of the PST.  It was also felt that this would give the PST some interview experience.  The checklist (policy) ensures that mentors are able to support the PST compliance their professional responsibilities.

(6.4) I led an initiative to run a range of Professional Learning (PL) sessions were planned to support the PST and colleagues. both in their placement and beyond that focused on improved student learning, see artefact 1 (page 10), artefact 2 (PST video) and artefact 3 (page 21 and 22).  The sessions I arranged during Term 3 2019 were:

  • Expectations and Planning session which I ran.
  • (4.1, 4.2, 4.3) I initiated the Behaviour Management Presentation by the Westminster Behaviour Management Group, which I led to demonstrate effective classroom management and promote student responsibility for learning.  The session also focused on improving inclusive learning environments, based upon engagement and support of all students.  The link between excellent pedagogy, engagement and behaviour was focused upon, see artefact 1 (page 10), artefact 3 (page 2 – 7), artefact 2 (PST video) and artefact 4 (page 22).
  • (6.1, 7.2) ePortfolios and how to create them led by the Westminster Early Careers Teachers. I provided a resource with exemplar ePortfolios before the session to ensure that the PST had a comprehensive understanding of the professional standards for teachers, see artefact 1 (page 10), artefact 2 (PST video) and artefact 3 (page 2 – 7 and 22 – 23).
  • (2.4) Making opportunities for PST to develop understanding of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages, and learning how to support students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. I instigated the session and invited Nahla Baroudi (Indigenous Coordinator) to present a PL session. I provided a resource, which I created, with ideas of how to support students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) decent, see artefact 1 (page 10), artefact 2 (PST video) and artefact 3 (page 21).

(6.2) Observations of different staff members were also arranged and the PST were asked to complete a reflection of the take-aways from the sessions observed. I also encouraged the PST to observe my lessons, so that they could learn from my practice, as well as others, see artefact 1 (page 6) and artefact 3 (page 2 – 20)(7.1) During this time I demonstrated exemplary ethical behaviour and informed judgement in all professional dealings with students, see artefact 1 (page 6). (4.1) I invited all PST  to observe and support within our schools STRETCH faculty, which has a focus on full participation and engagement of students with disabilities to ensure they are aware of compliance with the legislative requirements.  In conjunction with Rebecca Mattinson, we reviewed the information needed to ensure the PST were able to have the knowledge to start supporting students with disabilities, see artefact 2 (PST video).

(6.1) During term 3 2019 developed an observation form for teachers to complete to support the PST to enable them to gain quality feedback and provide evidence for the PST to gain probationary teacher registration, focusing on the professional standards for teachers, rather then using the Westminster School version, see artefact 1 (page 7 , 8 and 9) and artefact 3 (page 8 – 20 and page 24 – 30). I also observed PST providing feedback on their lessons artefact 3 (page 11 – 20 and page 24 -30).

Impact – Analysis and Reflection

Area of impact – Colleagues behaviour, knowledge and understanding, and attitude and skill

Can be see in artefact 2 (PST video)  and artefact 3 (feedback to and from PST’s).

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