STEAM week 2019

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In 2019 I arranged for some members of the HALT group to arrange the 2019 STEAM week.  This followed collecting student voice feedback in 2017, which indicated that the program needed to be improved in relation to both student learning and engagement.  In 2018 I led the Year 7 STEAM week program for Year 7 students, in which the student feedback was much improved, see separate page.  Following this improvement, I led the incentive to run a longer, more in depth program, rather than short activities on rotation.  Teachers from the HALT group volunteered to run the different programs teams.  I arranged the staffing for the end of year program, along with checking in with each group to ensure that they were on track with their program, which included attending meetings with the different groups.  I was also involved in leading the Year 8 project.

Overall details of the week can be found here.

Year 6

The Year 6 STEAM week program was led by Rachel Abercrombie and Stuart Burns:

Year 6 Student Voice Feedback 2019

Year 7

The Year 7 STEAM week program was led by Katherine Pilmore, Matthew Stone and Kim Stratford:

Year 7 Student Voice Feedback 2019

Year 8

The Year 8 STEAM week program, which I led with Chris Graham and Kate Johns, can be found below:

Year 8 Student Voice Feedback 2019

Photographs of the project

Year 9

The Year 9 STEAM week program was led by Jason Greenslade, Kate Inglis, Kat Elliot and Rachael Hogben

Year 9 Student Voice Feedback 2019

Year 10

The Year 10 cohort took part in Service Day,  led by the Round Square coordinator, and six days of Research Project preparation, led by Jude Depold and Andrea Sherwood.  The low number of Year 10 students who completed the survey made analysis of the results invalid.

Changes to be implemented for 2020

The feedback from the students will be taken into account and changes made to the 2020 program, based upon the areas of strength and development in the 2019 program.  In particular the Year 9 program will be reviewed.

Year Enjoyment (Mean score out of 5) Learning (Mean score out of 5)
6 3.9 3.8
7 3.8 3.2
8 3.6 3.4
9 2.9 2.7






Please see STEAM week 2020 for more information about how the program has changed due to the feedback received.

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