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Preparing for online learning due to COVID -19

As part of the preparation for online learning I was tasked with reviewing the educational research focusing on online learning and forming a hybrid version of how we would manage online learning as a school.

Following the trial day for online learning, I devised a series of questionnaires, which were sent to:

  • Student
  • Parents/caregivers
  • Teachers

This enabled us to see what had worked well and what we needed to improve or change in order to support our students learning from home.

I met will all the Curriculum Leaders to see what support their faculties would needed.  From this I devised the Professional Learning sessions for the school.

From the feedback received I devised two differentiated reference sheet for staff, with examples of how online learning should look like in our context.

Basic version – How to make a start with great online learning

This version shows our minimum expectations.

More Advanced version – Exceptional Online Learning

The more advanced version is attached here.

From the comments from the feedback from the Curriculum Leaders, in conjunction with the IT integrator I also devised the following instruction sheet.

This resource had step by step guides and also video instructions for different online resources which could be used to enhance online learning.

Teachers signed up for the Professional Learning sessions over a two day period, based upon their areas of growth.

An example of one interactive resource that I provided to staff around the use of SEQTA to support learning is attached.

An example of a resource provided to staff on how to integrate student made videos into their lessons via Flipgrid is attached.


The impact of the resources provided and sessions run on the PL day ensured a consistent approach to online learning was undertaken across school.  The development of teachers ICT skills was an positive outcome.

Some feedback on the PL training includes:

What was the most useful things you have taken away from the last few days?
How to set up SEQTA using advanced lay out.
Knowing that each presentation has some great written resources and videos that we can refer back to as we take our time experimenting with everything. Thanks to everyone for all time put in to providing us so much support in learning new skills.
Learning about the more advanced features of SEQTA.
Having time to collaborate and play with new technology.
Learning more about how to structure a successful lesson on SEQTA using the ‘advanced layout’. This is something that will be extremely beneficial to use for primary students as they can clearly see a set of instructions with examples and picture prompts alongside.
– Alice’s youtube session was great
– I’m really interested to explore OneNote more for tracking students’ progress.
Integration of OneNote and Seqta. OneNote a good way to easily share student work and feedback in a private setting unlike Forums.
FlipGrid a good way to get feedback from students about their work esp if it is a Folio or other hand created work.
Being able to record your shared screen in Teams, and be able to use / post this video again as it is stored in Stream. Very useful for lesson introductions when some students are yet to sign in.
Besides the training, the actual opportunity to meet and discuss with the team for a reasonable length of time
Good variety and choice for staff to filter through and focus on
Discovering some new technologies that will assist my subject area. Even if I took away one small thing from a session, it has saved me the time I would have spent working it out myself (which could be ages!).
Opened up a range of tools that I hadn’t used before
Seeing the fabulous work that the presenters prepared. Was great to see our best e-teachers at work teaching! 🙂
The ability to deliver differentiated and engaging lessons online.  The fact that my soft skills and knowledge of ‘what is out there’ has increased exponentially.  It has been valuable and a great few days to be part of.


What could we have done differently to make the sessions more effective for you?
The teams session did not work remotely at all.
I think the way the program was presented was great – especially because of the supporting takeaway resources. My concern now is that we have lots of different online tools and if between us all we as a staff use all of them I hope we don’t overwhelm the students and parents as they navigate everything.
Sessions were most effective when they were well structured, well paced (not moving too fast) and when there was generally one person talking (not several different conversations happening at once).
Perhaps having a few more helpers floating around the room to assist people who are stuck on something so that they don’t fall too far behind when the facilitator and the whole group are continuing on.
It may not be ideal logistically, but it would be great to offer ‘basics’ and ‘advanced’ for some sessions. In some sessions, a large chunk of time was spent helping staff download the required app/software, rather than showing cool things you can do with the software. It would be great to offer a session for people who have the software set up already, and want to learn how to use it more effectively.
I was attending online which was inclusive and good to hear the classroom vibe. I think it would have been better to share the screen with me, if possible, because the interactive white board was not in focus. Angela shared her presentation notes before the session which was very beneficial as I could open them on my other screen. Overall super job done by everyone. Thankyou.
Gone a little deeper into shortcuts and little known elements of SEQTA.
Less people in the room
Less choice and longer sessions with limits on numbers so we can practice what we learnt in a supervised session and the facilitator can help and trouble shoot.
I was pretty overwhelmed to be honest. It has definitely been a steep learning curve but I think that was unavoidable. Maybe make it clear that it is up to the teacher (and not a school expectation) as to how far you go with the use of technology. As long as you are creating excellent online student-teacher relationships and teaching effectively online I think that should be the most important expectation of staff.
smaller groupings….some sessions were too large
Another useful “Part B” session on OneNote.
There was a few too many options given for recording screens/ making movies and maybe could have made the sessions just revolve around what was deemed essential software required… but I know it is hard to choose!
I did feel the sessions were short in time I given time restrictions, I understand why!) and amplification of voices would have been great.


What would you like to see in future PL sessions?
How to make a more interactive JP lesson that can be delivered via SEQTA that doesn’t involve too many apps and  platforms that can confuse parents.
Right now my head is full (in a good way) and I can’t think of anything – will email if something comes to mind.
Thanks to all involved.
I think it would be good to get feedback from staff about what they would like more help with. You could perhaps  create a survey with a list of possible PL sessions based on the technology we are going to be using. For instance, I wanted to consolidate some areas before tackling learning something new, so next term I might be looking to attend quite different tech sessions.
Perhaps some sessions that are mainly focused on Prep students and therefore learning more about how to use appropriate programs effectively for students who aren’t as familiar with using a device or accessing various platforms.
Specific examples of other accomplished staff members sharing their OneNote’s, Teams etc. now most people have the basics set up.
All of the above was useful….just need to slow down and absorb what we learnt…and practice it
These sessions have been great & I really like the direction PL has gone this year. It would be great to have some subject specific PL – this could be external. For example if the PE team could do this instead of the ‘classroom’ based subject PL that would be super valuable too.
further development of tools and time to practice implementing them
I loved the way all of the sessions had one common goal throughout with a practical outcome at the end of the session.
Unfortunately often over the course of my 20+year career we get to the end of PD with no clear objective achieved in a practical sense; I do totally understand that face to face dissemination of information is required and useful too.
I would love more time to develop and work on the skills learnt.  Perhaps some specific faculty time to develop specific soft skills that would serve individual faculties with their individual needs.  Thank you to everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm, it was very much appreciated.  It was a great few days and it is exciting to see staff work hard and continually develop their skills.


In 2021 Westminster School entered an extended lock down period, due to being a Covid 19 exposure site, I updated the appropriate online lesson resources.  I collaborated with appropriate stakeholders to ensure that the lesson expectations for teachers across school were appropriate for the different students.


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