SA Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

27 April 2022 | 0 COMMENTS


In February 2022 I became part of the National HALT Advisory group. As part of this I became aware that other States had some form of cross sector HALT network.  SA did not have a cross sector HALT network that was active.  I decided to investigate how I could go about setting up a SA network.

I constructed a questionnaire to determine if and how the SA HALT would like a network was to be established.  I then contacted all the SA HALT via the National HALT Network and the different sectors HALT leaders and asked them to share my initial contact email with the HALT in their sector.


There were 70 SA HALT, Assessors and aspiring HALT who completed the questionnaire.  Their summary feedback and raw data is attached. The feedback data was shared with the participants of the questionnaire, whom had shared their contact details.

Online Group

From the feedback many people would like to be part of an online forum.  With this in mind, I instigated and led reinvigorating the SA HALT Network Facebook Group, which had been a dormant group for several years.

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