7. Engage Professionally

Evidence Set 5 – STEAM End of Year Project 2018


Aim To increase engagement and learning, from students perspective, within the Westminster STEAM end of year program. To allow student to become orientated with the Senior School, prior to moving from Year 7 to Year 8. What I did In 2018 I led the Year 7 STEAM end of year project, which was undertaken in […]

Evidence Set 3 – Pre-Service Teacher Coordinator 2019


In 2019 I became the coordinator for Pre-Service Teachers (PST) at Westminster School. Aims: To provide a high quality program for Pre-Service Teachers (PST). To be known as a school that provides exemplary Professional Learning (PL) in a life long learning focused community. Enable the PST to develop collaborative relationships. That PST undertaking a practicum […]

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