4. Supportive and Safe Learning

Compliance Courses 2021


Diabetes Training – 3 hours September 2021 Mental Health First Aid – 5 hours August 2021 Responding to Abuse and Neglect – 2 hours August 2021 NCCD Part 1 – 1.5 hours April 2021 NCCD Part 2 – 3 hours April 2021 Total compliance time 2021 = 14.5 hours

Postgraduate Diploma in Online and Distance Education


In 2015 I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Online and Distance Education with The Open University (UK). The qualification was constructed of three modules: Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates (H800) – Equivalent to half the qualification. Started in 2011, completed in 2012. Accessible online learning: supporting disabled student (H810) – Equivalent to quarter of the […]

Online Learning


2020 Preparing for online learning due to COVID -19 As part of the preparation for online learning I was tasked with reviewing the educational research focusing on online learning and forming a hybrid version of how we would manage online learning as a school. Following the trial day for online learning, I devised a series […]

New Staff Induction


In 2020 I led an initiative to ensure that new staff were inducted into the school with a particular emphasis on supporting the teachers with Teaching and Learning. On the new staff induction day I planned and led a session to share the expectations of a Westminster lesson.  I also assigned the new teachers a […]

STEAM week 2019


In 2019 I arranged for some members of the HALT group to arrange the 2019 STEAM week.  This followed collecting student voice feedback in 2017, which indicated that the program needed to be improved in relation to both student learning and engagement.  In 2018 I led the Year 7 STEAM week program for Year 7 […]

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