Setting goals - Is it enough?

What does the process of goal setting look like for you right now?

When you set goals for yourself and your career how much reflective practice is involved?

Do you get the opportunity to really consider what your current or past practice show you about who you are as a teacher? What your strengths and goals might be?

Often we get to set one small target for the term or year and we don’t get much time to think about why that target exists, how we’re going to meet it or what might be standing in our way.

It’s time to make goal setting more powerful

In this podcast episode I’m going to talk about a new way of thinking about goal setting.  About how, reflecting on what you’ve done already and how that makes you feel is really important to your future success.

I’ll share a really practical (and super powerful) reflective exercise that you can do to dig deeper and discover what lights you up, what’s really holding you back, what you need to move forward and how you’re going to do that.  No more vague and uninspiring goals for you!

Of course, there’s a freebie to walk you through the process step by step. Including some prompts to turn the result into a powerful start of a story of practice for your edufolio.  Trust me, this exercise is going to hit a heap of standards!

One reflection with one heck of a result for your portfolio!

In the episode, I’m going to walk you right through this process from reflecting to reflection post (which means evidence for your portfolio!).  Make sure you request the guide right now… oh.. and set aside some time to finish the task!

We’re super excited to see how you feel after this exercise.  How many standards do you think you’ve touched on? Most importantly, do you know how to move forward? Why not leave us a comment below or come and join us over on Facebook?  We’d love to celebrate your success with you!

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