How are you travelling with Full Registration and Proficiency?

Just imagine it.  You open your email (or check your post-box) and find a new message.  Having opened it you discover that you’re now a fully registered, proficient educator.  You did it!  You’ve made it past the first benchmark of your career as a teacher.  Time to celebrate – who’s got the chocolate?

Does this seem a little far off for you right now? Are you mentoring someone through this process? If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes”, then you need to listen to this episode.  In this week’s podcast we start to tackle the difference between the graduate and proficient teaching career stages.  Let’s make sure you know enough to get started!

It’s time to get our head around proficiency!

Listen to today’s podcast so you can explore:

  • What the difference is between graduate and proficient
  • The language in the focus areas and how they shift as you move into this new stage of your career
  • What kinds of artefacts you actually need
  • How to get this sorted proactively
  • Reducing your stress as you work through this process
  • How to make this all about YOU and your growth – not box ticking and form filling!

As you’re listening, enter your email below to grab this week’s freebie.  This week, we walk you through some examples to help you really get your head around what we’re discussing today. You’ll be confidently moving towards proficiency in no time!

We’re super excited to see how you feel after this exercise.  How many standards do you think you’ve touched on? Most importantly, do you know how to move forward? Why not leave us a comment below or come and join us over on Facebook?  We’d love to celebrate your success with you!

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