#003: Cracking the Focus Area code. The Secret to an Awesome Reflection Revealed

Cracking the Focus Area Code, The reflective teacher podcast Edufolios

#003: Cracking the Focus Area code. The Secret to an Awesome Reflection Revealed

How do you know when you’ve got the right piece of evidence for your teacher portfolio?

You’ve made time this week to sit and reflect.  You open up your Edufolio and start to write about your experiences with that year 4 class you’ve been working on.  The standards and their focus areas can come later. Last time you checked in you, you wrote about who you had in your class, what you thought you needed to do in order to meet their needs and this time, you’re ready to share what you’ve put in place.  There have been some great results!

You finish writing and you feel good.  You identified some real moments of growth for both your students and yourself.   Now for the “fun” part.  Which standards and focus areas did you cover? Which artefacts should you include? How do you know?

The answers are in the descriptors my friend!

In this episode of the Reflective Teacher Podcast, Selena reveals the tricks behind decoding those pesky focus areas.  She’ll explore how to let all that reflection flow before focusing it, razor sharp on as many focus areas as you can find.

In this episode we look at:

  • How to zoom in and understand what you need to do
  • How to watch out for tricky standards that seem to be asking the same thing??
  • What the not so secret structure of each content descriptor can reveal to you
  • How to use that structure to confidently create awesome evidence posts

By the end of this post you will have all the tricks you need to confidently create awesome evidence posts.  No more wondering which artefacts you need and no more one post one standard.  That’s WAY TOO HARD!

So, how do you feel now?  If you don’t want to start a brand new post, you could go find one you’ve already written and use these tips to check your focus areas.  Did you get it right? How many did you miss? Most importantly, do you know how to move forward? Why not leave us a comment below or come and join us over on Facebook?  We’d love to celebrate your success with you!

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