No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

Fear and discomfort is a natural part of growth and development isn’t it.  We’ve all seen our students struggle as they learn something new, pushing them past those negative, tricky feelings and coming out the other side.  Fear is an important emotion.  It’s there for a reason. To guide us and to ask us to question.  It’s a really positive thing, unless it’s allowed to go unchecked and it becomes a barrier to learning, progress and our growth as an educator.

If you’re struggling with the process of accreditation and career progression, you are not alone.   Career growth, can seem hard, complicated and overwhelming.

I realised recently, that I taught my first lesson 21 years ago.  That’s 21 years of learning with my students and boy have there been some fears to overcome as I have done so. Let me share some of my thoughts on these fears with you.

Identifying Barriers and Removing Them – That’s kinda what you Do.

As a teacher, you’ve spent time learning how to identify how children learn, what barriers stand in their way and how you can remove them.  So, let’s spend some time doing just that for YOU!  You deserve it just as much as they do.

In this week’s episode, we’re going to identify five things that just stop us moving forward.  We’re going to name them and re-frame them.  No more worries about:

  • Artefacts or evidence
  • Time
  • Overwhelm
  • What it should look like
  • Feeling like you’ve not been doing this long enough to go for it…

Let’s get you moving forward and growing! Listen now!

Feeling more motivated? Did we identify and remove a barrier? Which one? Let us know in the comments below or come and join us over on Facebook.

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