#008: Why Kids are Dropping out of School and how we can Reach them, with special guest, Prof. Eddie Blass.

In South Australia, Almost Half our Kids left school without completing Year 12.∗

“This is not about teachers and schools, this is about curriculum. We set out to look at why kids are dropping out of schools and what’s causing that disengagement”

Prof. Eddie Blass

Australia, we have a problem.  We’ve been hearing about it a lot. Some of us may even be living it.  Thousands and thousands of children are disengaging with school and it’s current curriculum.  In this week’s podcast, Selena speaks with Prof. Eddie Blass about just how we can turn this around.  How we can reengage these kids and re-invigorate our curriculum.

It’s time to make sure our students have what they need to thrive both inside and outside of school.

The Honourable John Gardner MP Minister for Education SA talking all about the Inventorium.

I’ve known Eddie for some time now. We met at a very cool Pitch Competition and she is just an inspiration! Trust me!  Recently she launched The Inventorium Co-operative to solve this problem.  Even the Minister for Education, here in South Australia has been singing it’s praises. I just had to let you hear her story and how she’s on a mission to re-engage those disengaged young adults!

Let Eddie explain what she’s discovered about how and why these young people are dropping out, how she researched this problem and how she’s creating innovative, unique solutions for you, so you we can all work towards a solution.  She’s created a unique and wonderfully simple new learning experience called “The Inventorium” and she’s inviting you to be a part of it.  She’s created a brand new way of delivering PLP for SACE. A new way that’s bound to get you excited… YES EXCITED… about the research project AND make a massive difference to your students as a result.

…in this week’s podcast we discuss

  • The importance of Personal and Social Development in young adults to ensure their success at school and beyond.
  • Why, as a result, PLP and the Research Project should be the best subjects to teach, EVER (hear her out!)
  • The statistics published in the “Senior School Retention SACE Completion Report 2018” and, ultimately, what they mean for South Australia’s young people
  • How Eddie has written you an entire curriculum (that’s mapped and approved by SACE) to bring about a change (neigh… a revolution!)
  • Guy Claxton’s Four Habits of the Mind and how they’re at work here.
  • How you can get involved in this amazing new learning adventure and use the resources and curriculum she has created

Oooh and, as promised in the podcast, she’s also asked me to share a sample lesson with you. It’s all about Totems and fits beautifully with 2.4 as well as  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. Just enter your name and emails address to trigger the system and be sent something very practical. A ready to go lesson and power point template (the link to that is on page 7 of the freebie)! Thanks Eddie!

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