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How much of your day is ALL ABOUT YOU?

You’ve been working super hard. You’ve been learning and growing with your students. Responding to their learning needs and helping them to achieve as much as you can. As the term rolls on you begin to feel tired and it gets so much harder to stay on top of it all, to reach them all and to learn with them.

This is the norm for too many of us. Teaching is a highly emotive and cognitively demanding role. It takes so much out of you.  Burn out is real.

It’s time to reprioritise.

This week we’re talking self-care.  We chatting about how you can acknowledge how much of your day goes into serving others and how little time you have to commit to yourself and your own care.

Using a simple strip of paper, we’re going to re frame our thinking on time.  There really are only 24 hours in one cycle of the day.  As we draw closer to the end of one, we are about to greet the beginning of a new cycle.  There IS time.  There will always be time.  The question is, how are you prioritising that time and how much space are you making for you and your self-care.

In this podcast I ask you to lean in, and focus.  To grab a piece of paper and start tearing it up.  We break down the 24 hours of your day and take stock.  Do you regularly take time to prioritise your own rest? Your need to stop, to connect and to just be?  What happens if you don’t?

We’re going to connect with why you and your self-care should be a major priority.  Your most important priority.  If you don’t find time for you, to recharge your passion, your energy and your focus? Let’s face it you could have the best lesson plans and resources you’ve ever made but without energy, passion and focus those plans will never do what you need them to do for your students.  Your impact will be far less than you and your students deserve it to be. YOU are the most important part of the puzzle and it’s time to make yourself a priority.

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