A Black backrgound with a white pencil on it. The words A guide to writing your first reflection for accreditation

I don’t know how to start! I have so many questions!

Overwhelmed educators on beginning their portfolio of practice

Creating a portfolio of your teaching practice can seem BIG! There are so many things to consider aren’t there? If you’re honest right now… are you burying your head in the sand a bit? Not sure where to start? Not sure what a “decent” reflection post sounds or looks like?

Well, let’s take a moment to breathe and to break the ice.

Let me share some top tips to get you started with your first piece of portfolio evidence.


In this episode we put down the perfectionist drive and replace it, firmly, with reflectionism. I walk you through some very practical ideas to remove those worries and get you moving forward with your very first attempt in learning. Your very first reflection on your teaching.  Yes. You’re going to write about your practice, you’re going to confidently select powerful artefacts and you’re going to know exactly which focus areas and standards you’ve hit with them.

Writing an evidence post is really all about YOU and what you’ve experienced as an educator.  Let me show you how to tune in so you can begin to celebrate more and worry less. Ready to feel confident and give it a go?

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