A pile of notebooks and a pen. The caption reads: What to keep in mind when choosing where to put your portfolios

Where are you keeping all your evidence and reflections right now?

Do you have one of those boxes, shoved in a cupboard? You know, the one full of things that one day MIGHT be artefacts you COULD use?  A ring binder?

A website somewhere? An Edufolio?

I know that lots of you are on the cusp of starting something great! Some of you have already stepped up and have started organising and collating your reflections and evidence. Well done you!

What should we consider when choosing a home for all of our evidence?

In this podcast episode I am going to talk about what to consider as you make a choice about where and how to store and share your evidence.  The answer to the question of “where” and “What” will depend largely on your goal for your portfolio and we’ll delve into that a little.

Let’s make sure your online teacher portfolio is working harder than you!

If you’re feeding something information then you want it to be able to work with that information and spit out something helpful.  Technology is designed to solve a problem.  Whether you’ve chosen the technology of a ring binder or an online space like Edufolios, let’s see how many problems that technology can really solve for you.

Obviously, there will be a natural bias here from me but, I want you to consider all the options and to have a good understanding of what your expectations should be from your portfolio.

Let’s move you towards a better understanding of:

  • What your goal is for your portfolio
  • What data technology can use to support you
  • Whether you’re cool with building your own site
  • What “Free” really means


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