How much are you learning from your Mentee?

Yes. Read that sentence up there again… slowly.  The last word says “mentee” not mentor… curious!

This week I want us to get real about the mentoring relationship.  There are thousands upon thousands of pre-service teachers out there right now working with in-service teachers to learn their trade. Mentoring doesn’t stop there though does it?  We should all have a mentor – no matter what stage of our career we’re in and we should ALL aim to mentor at least one person.

Mentoring is a two way street.

Why? Because as Chief Learner, you’ll know that when you’re teaching someone and helping them to develop their skills, you’re also developing yourself.

In this week’s podcast I want to ask you about the way in which you think about that mentoring relationship.   I want you to consider how you can work a little differently so that everyone gets a chance to grow – together.

Pre-service teachers… that includes you.  In my career I have learnt so much from working along side the newly trained, super enthusiastic soon-to-be-educators who grace my classroom.  You are an asset and you have a lot to give!

Tune in now to hear how one Graduate can provide HA evidence to their mentor.  How mentoring can happen via collaboration online and how Learning goals – for both parties are an absolute must have!

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