As a reliever it’s just too hard to gather evidence. 

You’re in different classrooms everyday. These are not your lesson plans. You haven’t run a parents evening… ever.  On top of that, you don’t get release time as a new teacher and, often, no one’s given you a formal mentor to learn from either.  As a result, you might feel all alone, overwhelmed and you’re left feeling like there’s no way you can pass proficiency or get full registration. But…

You have super powers that most full time teachers would envy!

It’s time to shift your perspective! Great relief teachers have amazing skillsets that will easily nail full rego and proficiency and don’t you forget it! You are a amazing and you just need to know how to see what you do. All that you do.  Above all, I want you to be able to re-frame your thinking and find your impact too! It’s time to move forward and get that registration paperwork sorted!

When I chatted to 20 Edufolios users recently, I bumped into a few who were working as relief teachers.  One had totally rocked the accreditation thing whilst working in a number of different schools.  Most had decided that they didn’t even come close to meeting the requirements or the standards.

This week’s podcast is a pep talk to those who are relieving and a reminder, to those of us who rely on these highly skilled individuals, to really appreciate all that they do!  We even have a freebie for you.

FREE: Three learning tasks to help demonstrate impact of learning

Download it now by simply adding your name and email in the box below!


Comment below.  Are you a TRT or relief teacher who’s earned your days and gone through proficiency?

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