“…develop teaching programs that support the participation and learning of students with disability” 1.6

This can be super tricky can’t it.  Especially if you don’t have access to the right tools and expertise.  Areas such as literacy and numeracy (2.5) can seriously be impacted by learning disability and all of us strive, everyday to create a learning environment that meets a range of needs.(1.1).

Microsoft works really hard in this space. Recently, they were the very first tech company to sign the Made by Dyslexia pledge “to give the 700 million people with dyslexia around the world access to technology that empowers them to excel in their academic journey, and in life.” So, when it comes to focus area 1.6 who better to reach out to then our pals in the Microsoft Education team.

Microsoft’s Troy Waller shares the secrets to empowering students using Office 365.

Troy, is Microsoft’s expert in all things accessibility and so, I’ve asked him to join us in today’s episode.  He’s going to share some amazing tools that you can access with and for your students.  Tools that most of us have access to already, for free in our classrooms. I can’t wait for you to tune in and learn some of his very simple ways to make life much easier for everyone in your learning environment. After that, you can use the links at the bottom of this post to access Microsoft’s free online professional learning courses.  There are a couple of hours work there!

So, tune in to learn:

  1.  All about Immersive Readers’ ability to save you time and give your students independence and agency
  2.  How Immersive Reader can help your neuro-diverse learners access any text, any time without any extra support or preparation
  3.  How Microsoft Translate is helping those who can’t sign, communicate with the deaf
  4.  How Translate can send live captions to everyone in your classroom in which ever language they need – in real time
  5.  How Immersive Reader does maths too!  Use it to support maths skills and help students apply their numeracy skills
  6.  How to use all these tools to save yourself time too.  Emails read to you? Dictate your reports and have them typed by word?

Don’t forget to write about what you’ve learnt in your Edufolios. Whether it’s new learning your yet to try (grad) or something practical you’re taking away and putting into place (prof – lead).  Make sure to measure the impact of what you’re doing and let us know how it goes!

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