I have to make a graduate teacher portfolio and I have NO idea what I need to do!

Right now, thousands and thousands of pre-service teachers up and down the country are getting to close to their final semester.  A semester in which they may well have been asked to suddenly complete a graduate teacher portfolio of practice.  Did you hear about that in first year and never again till now? For some reason that seems to be the norm in many universities.

If you’re lucky enough to be at a uni that has Edufolios as its tool of choice, then you’re going to at least have the framework and support you need to organise your content.  If not, there’s nothing stopping you grabbing one right now – seriously.. it currently costs a dollar a week! Get in quick!

Even with this awesome tool behind you though, what might be missing is the answers to some burning questions such as:

  • What on earth should a graduate teacher portfolio look like? Can I see one?
  • How do I do my GTPA in it?
  • Can I put my assignments in it?
  • What does a good evidence post look like?
  • How many do I need?
  • How do I know I’ve done this right?
  • Is anyone going to look at this after my assignment anyway?

Let’s get that sorted right now!

If you’re a mentor teacher, uni lecturer or a uni student (no matter what year level) then tune in.  This one’s for you!

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