That PL was AWESOME! If only there were time to share...

Have you ever attended an amazing Professional learning session? Come back buzzing with awesome ideas that you can’t wait to try? You get back to school, new ideas in hand and then…LIFE?

Maybe you got to give it a go… yay!  Did you get to share what you learnt with others and help them develop into their practice too?  Was their time?

In this episode I want to talk about how, as educators, we have amazing capacity to learn and teach. That we are, in fact a bunch of amazing super heroes with amazing super powers. But, as you know, with great power comes a great deal of responsibility. Not just towards are students, but to each other as professionals.

It's time to acknowledge our responsibility to lift each other up!

In this podcast I talk about my own experiences with attending professional learning and development sessions and how the learning doesn’t stop when we leave the conference… ever! We explore. how the teaching standards can help us to make sure that the new learning we have acquired… which, by the way, can only be at the graduate level until we’ve applied it in practice.. can have a massive impact on our colleagues and our wider community. If we choose to, we can use what we learnt in that professional learning session to help lift up our colleagues and grow our own skills set at the same time! Perhaps, even more importantly, we also talk about how you can increase your impact by writing and sharing what you’re learning in a truly authentic way.

Join us in episode 21 to talk about your authentic voice as a professional learner.  The voice that will empower not only your students, but an entire generation of educators… too super heroey.?? 🦸 I don’t think so! 😉 

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