Does the idea of creating your evidence practice leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

My goodness! Me too! Or at least I used to feel this way.  I’d take one look at the 148 little statements that I swear were put there just to JUDGE me and I’d want to run in the opposite direction! What on earth was the purpose of creating evidence of practice anyway and how was it going to help my students? That’s what I wanted to know.  

I’m a bit stubborn rebellious like that.  Do you get like that sometimes too? Well, let me share a little known method, that’s easier than you think to put in place, that’s going to move those grey, stressful clouds out of the way.

Let me share a process to get that evidence flowing!

In this podcast I’m going to talk about how you write about your practice. Specifically, I’m going to share a technique or process that I have learned through my own journey of reflective practice.  I AM going to ask you to shift your thinking a little though… so be ready for that!  We’re going to cover:

  • Your mindset around writing about your practice and why it might be holding you back
  • Why you should NEVER start with those standards… ever.
  • Why you need to write to a mentor (real or imagined)
  • What voice you should use so you can be authentic.

All of these little pieces of the puzzle join together so that any barrier you had to starting is quickly removed and you are well o your way to reflective greatness!  

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