Does reflective practice sometimes seen intense, confronting or even painful?

In this episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast we are lucky enough to chat to Dr Leigh Burrows.  She has spent the last few years exploring the idea of mindfulness and the impact it can have on educators if they are able to practice mindful reflection and connect with their authentic voice.  Before we can begin to explore the social, intellectual and developmental needs of our students, perhaps we need to first discover our own and learn how to become truly grounded.  Grounded in such a way that we have even more power to support those around us to grow.

A portfolio should "highlight a rich journey of discovery".

Join Leigh and I as she shares strategies to help us “notice” and focus more on the environment than our selves. In doing so, she shares how we can make far deeper connections with our students that allow us to see the flow between the learning and teaching happening in our classrooms and create reflective writing that is deeper, more grounded, richer and holistic.

In this episode we touch on:

  • How we should hold the standards lightly not let them frame or influence what we write; at least in the first instance.
  • Why it’s important to use the first person, to write in your own voice and to drop the idea that academic = stuffy and 3rd person
  • Why it takes time to develop the natural voice for your reflections and why you should practice.
  • How writing reflectively gives you the opportunity  to try out different version of your self, as a teacher, and why that’s powerful stuff!
  • How reflective writing can sometimes surprise us by showing us things we never expected. 
  • How important a mentor is to the whole process
and so much more!

It’s a long one but it’s totally worth it.  Leigh has done some very important work around well being, wellness and reflection and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it! 

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