"There's nothing about me on the Internet"
She said with an air of pride....

So, you’ve been writing your stories of practice and creating awesome evidence of impact.  Is that something that you should be sharing publicly? Is it OK to share your journey with the world of the interwebs? What on earth is a “Digital Footprint” (or tattoo)? Let’s take a moment to think about ours tells others about us and the kind of educator we are. 

It's time to Google yourself, see that tattoo and own it!

In this podcast we’re going to talk about what to consider when dealing with the dilemma of private verses public.  We all know that the privacy settings exist on our Edufolios but how much should we use them?

We’re going to touch on what it means if there’s absolutely nothing out there about you (and how that might be viewed by a principal), explore how you can take control of your digital tattoo before someone else beats you to it AND how being just public enough can help demonstrate your ability to meet standards 2.6 and 4.5 of the the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. 

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