Teachers, It's time to take off your perfectionist armour Edufolios

"Wherever perfection is driving us, shame is riding shotgun" Brené Brown

The more I work with teachers on reflective practice and accreditation the more conversations I have about perfectionism.  For some it’s worn as a badge of pride, for others it’s said with the side ways, downward move of the mouth that implies we’re aware that it’s not really a good thing.   It’s not.  It’s not a good thing.  In fact it’s a very bad, very damaging thing. 

Being a perfectionist means that what’s important to you is that everyone thinks that you are a high achiever and that you’re working hard. That the way you show you work hard is by never taking any risks or doing anything that you can’t do 100% correctly. Is that really who you are?

Imagine if the students in our classroom never took any risks, never did anything that they couldn’t do 100% correctly. There would be absolutely no progress in our learning environment if we work that way with our students and there will be absolutely no progress in our classroom practices if we continue to work in that way as educators either.  

It’s not cool. 

Perfectionism prevents healthy achievement and growth. It’s a defensive move. 

It's time to create a culture where there is no need to be defensive against learning and growth.

Perfectionism is not a shield that protects us, it’s a heavy weight that creates all sorts of negative emotions and barriers to our own learning.  In this podcast we unpack all of that and, guided by the research of Brené Brown, begin to consider how we can re-frame this conversation and remove this awful way of thinking and feeling from our professional experience.

Join me to talk about how to model and encourage “healthy striving, empathy and self-compassion” in the way you lead yourselves, your students, your colleagues or your site.

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