Is your portfolio assignment due this term?

Right now, up and down the country, thousands of pre-service teachers are getting ready to finish up their four year degrees or one year master of teaching courses.  They’ve dedicated nearly 1460 days of their life to learning everything possible about how to be a teacher and the time to grab that qualification is coming closer and closer.  
This is usually the time when they also have to submit their portfoio of evidence or complete a graduate teacher assessment.  

As a lecturer at a local uni, I see the stress this causes.  So many pre-service teachers feel like they’re left feeling around in the dark.  They’re not sure what evidence they need, why or how to put it all together.   Of course, here at Edufolios we serve thousands of pre-service teachers each year as they grow and develop their portfolio and in this week’s podcast I want to talk directly to any pre-service teacher who’s going through this right now!

Here are 5 things you need to know right now...

In this podcast I’m going to share with you five key pieces of information that are designed to take a bit of the pressure off and maybe even shift the way you see this assignment in the first place.  I’m also giving you the opportunity to leave me a message, ask me a question.  I’m keen to make sure I answer as many of them as I can so click here to leave me  a question to answer.

Tune in now to learn:

  • What your focus should be when you put your portfolio together – Who or what are you supposed to be showing you’re impacting on?
  • How you can and should include lectures, uni assignments and more
  • How you don’t need 37 pieces of separate evidence

and more… 

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