Evidence... "EVIDENCE"... what on earth is Evidence?

When it comes to accreditation and portfolio of practice for graduate standards we know that we have to collect and talk about “evidence”.  What’s sometimes confused however, is what that evidence actually is.  What does is look like? What elements does it contain? In this episode we want to remove that confusion and move towards clarity and confidence in your understanding of evidence actually is.

There are some common misconceptions out there that evidence for your teacher portfolio is best gathered by randomly gathering things together in a box.  It feels like you’re doing something then doesn’t it.  But, evidence is not just about “things” in a box (or even in the AITSL app).  Evidence is made up of at least two parts and it’s time we demystified the secret to finding and creating great evidence for your portfolio of practice. 

Let me share the secrets behind great evidence

In this week’s episode I share three simple elements that you can use to make sure that what you have infront of you is actually evidence.  I explain the purpose of “artefacts” as part of your evidence and what it is you need to do with them to make your evidence really strong.  

If you’re keen to learn:

  • The two key parts to any story of practice in a teacher portfolio
  • What to do so you can save yourself time and make sure what you’re doing is the right thing
  • How to approach identifying focus areas for your evidence and
  • Tips to understand when and what to write about

then this episode is for you! 🙂

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