I've chosen focus areas from the AITSL Standards... but I'm not confident I've got it right.

Oh I hear you! 148 focus areas to choose from and it can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to select which one’s you’ve covered in your evidence of practice can’t it!  That lack of confindece in your choices can lead to a reluctance to share what you’ve been working on. IN fact, at times, i’ve seen that lack of confidence stop people from even beginning the process in the first place.  

Never fear!  This podcast episode is here to help you move away from all that doubt and towards a quiet confidence.

There are some very simple steps you can follow to validate the teaching standards you've chosen

This week, I’m going to share a technique my mentors and I like to call an “Evidence Check”.  I regularly ask my mentors to read over my evidence posts and follow this process.  It’s a wonderful experience because we get to learn from each other and use the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to help us delve deeper into what I’ve been doing in my classroom.  

This conversation is one of celebration and the indentification of opportunities for me to increase the impact I am having in my classroom even further. 

If you’re ready to learn some steps that will help you support and mentor others as well as help you to grow in confidence when it comes to using the standards to support your growth then tune in! 

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