AITSL's Teaching Standards. What's the Point?

Who here entered the teaching profession because they wanted to show that they could meet the requirements outlined in 148 sentences in a rubric? Anyone? Of course not and yet, here we are, hundreds of thousands of fully qualified professionals with one rubric.  A rubric that seems to have the power to judge and overwhelm us to the point where we reject and avoid it at all costs.

How would you like to feel differently about the standards?  What if we could change the way we work with them so that they had NO POWER to judge or overwhelm us.   What if, instead, we could use them to help us celebrate our impact, connect with other educators and move forward with our practice?


In this episode we explore the purpose of the standards and how you can re-frame your thinking so that you are in charge of them… not the other way around!

It's time to take charge of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers!

In this episode I speak quite candidly about how some of us have got the standards all wrong.  How we’re giving this rubric to much power.  I explore, a little, why that might have happened but, more importantly, I share with you how you have the power to change that.  Let’s talk about how we should respect our professional judgement and always work practice first, standards second.

Tune in to consider how your practice (and your portfolio) might be a totally different experience if you learnt to shift your mindset about the standards. 

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