With 365,000 children in the top 10% of our learners, how much do you really know about gifted education?

This week’s podcast comes straight from my heart.  Gifted education has become a big thing for me and my family.  Why? Because I have a son who’s start to school was more than a little bumpy.  A child who, at home was attending STEM club for kids 4 years his senior, was writing sentences at 3, who started reading at two, but his teachers wouldn’t believe me. Because he wouldn’t show them.  School, for him was about socialising. Home was where we learnt.  It was damaging to him.  

and do you know what…

it wasn’t his teachers’ fault. They were never taught about gifted education.  It’s just not part of the course.  There’s no funding for it and there are a heap of myths about what it actually means to be gifted.

My son is one of the lucky ones.  South Australia, WE are the lucky ones.  Did you know that we have the only school specifically for gifted children in Australia?  It was started 2 years ago by Lynda McInnes (and a bunch of very brave supporters.)  My son is one of the lucky children who get to attend it.

Lynda has broken the mould. 

She and her team at Dara School are an inspiration and she has so much to teach us.

It's time to listen up! It's time to reflect on Gifted Ed

In this podcast I interview Lynda about her school.  About why Dara needed to exist (verses a gifted program in a mainstream site) and she shares some amazing insights and practical tips that will shift your thinking…  trust me.

Tune in, listen in.. this isn’t one for multitasking to..

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or over on the Facebook community.  Get ready for a real treat!

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