Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome... That's insane!

Do you know what, sometimes we get so focused on the big things, the obvious things we can challenge and change that we forget to question and reflect on the actions, routines and structures that have just always been there.

  • Why do/don’t you have a seating plan?
  • When do you take the roll in the lesson? Why?
  • What does PD mean to you? Have you always done that kind of PD? Does it work for you?
  • How/When do you communicate with parents? Why? Why not?

These little details are important and we often ignore them because.. we’ve always done it that way. What if, upon reflection, you didn’t need to?   


What if "that way" is based on an old problem with outdated restrictions?

Good job we have reflective practice to help us with these things! In this week’s podcast I challenge you to find three things that happen in your practice at your site or in your study that you just accept as the norm.  I want you to find somethings that you haven’t questioned for a while and take the time to examine them.  I wonder what you’ll discover.

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