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If I'm working hard to make a difference, I wish I could hear my students' voice.

Student Voice.  We hear about it a lot don’t we?

It’s really important that we hear it but how can we listen to it more? 

We joined the teaching profession to make a difference. To positively impact  upon the lives of hundreds of young people in our local area.  That’s the focus of this entire teacher accreditation process. 

or it should be

If we’re serious about demonstrating impact (whether that’s on our students, our colleagues or at our site) then we could do with some tools and tips about how to check in with them and see if we’re on the right track.

It's easier than you think to include student voice in your portfolio.

Let me share three, easy to use, tips that can help you both collect and colate that voice and then…

most importantly..

Let’s talk about how you can use what that voice tells you.

How you can really listen so that you can move forward and improve what your’e doing now and into the future.

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