There's this one kid I just can't get through to.

Has there ever been a student in your classroom that you just can’t reach? Or an energy, that the whole class brings with in a specific lesson, that you can’t explain? 

Teaching is super complex isn’t it?  

Sometimes kids meet up to six different adults teaching six different subjects all in one day.

Have you considered what you could learn by trailing them? 

By tapping into what they experience every day?

In this episode we move you from confused to inspired as you learn from your colleagues and your students through the use of student trails.

We're going to observe our students

In this episode I’m going to share with you the reasons for organising to use your NIT time to follow a student (or a whole class) whilst they work with another educator.  

We’ll talk about the four things you could consider as you do so:

  1. What assumptions are you making about learners and are you right?
  2. What does the whole curriculum look like in a day? – This is especially great if you’re a subject specialist.
  3. How do different teachers (with their different teaching styles and personalities) teach? What’s their style and how do students respond differently to each?
  4. How many different teaching strategies are you observing? How are they affecting the learning and behaviour in each lesson – This is the same class remember.

and explore how you can write this up in your portfolio.

I know that these questions are broad and that some of you would like some guidance around how to get the most out of this experience. For that reason, I’m sharing a freebie with you today that you can use to help you. 

Just enter your email address and name below and we’ll get it sent straight to your inbox. 

Let us know how you go with your observations! 

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