I've been teaching for YEARS...

...The evidence in my portfolio is all proficient and higher

Should it be?

When the standards first came out, and I began to work with them, I remember the assumptions I made.  None of my evidence was ever below proficient… at least not in my head.

At that time though, I didn’t understand what I do now about the content in the descriptors and how time served does not equal mastery. Now I see things very differently.


I expect there to be Graduate evidence in ALL portfolios...

...even if you've been doing this for twenty years.

Leaders and Principals, educators and pre-service teachers I want you to use this episode to really consider what the “Graduate” teaching standard represents.

Is it as simple as “evidence from someone at uni”?

… well no. It’s not.

In this episode we’re going to explore how we might need to change the associations we have with the titles above those career stages.

We’re going to think about what it says about you if you DON’T have any graduate evidence.

We’re going to make sure you are reminded of the learning journey you’re on and explain how almost every one of those journeys starts at Graduate…

… no matter how long you’ve been teaching

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