classroom designs in the hands of students

Classroom Design is on the tip of everyone's tongue as we get ready for the new school year.

The pressure to create the “perfect” learning space is immense, isn’t it?

The weight of expectation about your classroom design and what that says to your students and their parents is huge!

It feels like there’s such a lot to organise and do and, if you’re a fan of student-centred learning, you’re probably wondering why the kids haven’ t been involved with the design you’ve created. 

What if you approached things a little differently?

Instead of spending hours creating a learning environment you've imagined in your head.

Spend the first few days teaching students about learning environments...

Then let them decide...

Join Chantelle Love as she explains how she decided to leave the chairs in the centre of the room, stick nothing to the wall and let the students walk into a blank canvas.

We talk about the pressure and culture around classroom prep in the lead up to Term 1 and how bucking the trend and thinking outside the box made a huge difference to classroom culture for Chantelle’s students.

She’s even shared the teaching resources she used to help her kids design THEIR learning environment. 

Tune in for some awesome tips and a new perspective on your workload before the term starts. 

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