Image of a hand stopping dominoes falling. Text reads Boundaries That Increase Your Impact

Boundaries. We set them for the kids but what about for ourselves?

Have you ever limped towards the end of term wishing that you’d said “no” to that extra project, feeling guilty about how you’re missing valuable family time and feeling like your patience is running very thin.. with everything? 

Me too!

Teaching is such an all-consuming job, isn’t it?  

The thing is… it’s not ok for it to actually consume ALL of our time.  

We need to set (and keep to) some boundaries about how we work.

It’s time to draw some lines in the sand… for ourselves!

We are not machines and we need to take time out!

This week we’re acknowledging the impact of neglecting ourselves.

Of NOT “leading ourselves well” and what that can mean for our students and their progress (never mind our own sanity)

It’s BAD my friend.  


In this week’s episode, we focus on how to create boundaries in your workplace so that you always have time for yourself, your family and the things that matter just as much (if not more) than your classroom.

We touch on

  • Managing time (because it feels like there is NEVER enough of it
  • What saying “yes” actually means for you (and your sanity)
  • How to work out where you’re going to use your time
  • The bonuses of being calm, confident and at ease.
  • How, if you’re leading a bunch of young people, the least you can do is model being able to look after yourself!
Tune in right now to hear Selena share stories of her early bad practice around managing her enthusiasm and passion in teaching.  Learn from her mistakes and take on board the ideas and suggestions she has for you to avoid teacher burn out. 

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