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Balance. Do you have it in your Teaching Day?

Let’s just take a moment to pause and reflect on your well-being.  How do you take self-care as a teacher?

How many lunches have you skipped already this term?

Did you get 8 hours of sleep last night?

It’s so hard, isn’t it?

This episode is important!

SO important.

Teaching has a strange culture around it where lunch is a luxury, and we train ourselves to hold a wee for two hours (instead of just going to the bathroom), where we teach a 5 period day and then (because our to-do list didn’t include our ACTUAL job) we say “I’ve got nothing done today.”

and that’s not ok and it’s not healthy!

Teaching creates a never-ending to-do list.  It requires an awful lot of energy and, if we’re truly going to have the impact we want on those children we’re working with, it all starts with how we look after ourselves. 

"Person First, Teacher Second"

Ellen Ronalds Keene


In Episode 052, we are joined by Ellen Ronalds Keene of The Teacher Wellbeing podcast as she shares her top five tips for getting more balance in our teaching day.

Whether that be making sure that you know YOU and how to fill your bucket, tracking your hours so you SEE how much you’re actually doing or simply NOT accepting that lunch is a luxury, tune in to hear her talk about:

  1. Knowing yourself
  2. Maslow before Blooms
  3. Tracking your work hours – make work visible!
  4. The power of rituals
  5. Asking better questions
Don’t forget to scroll below and have a look at the massive list of reading, apps and freebies Ellen mentioned during the episode too. 

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