#054: Case Study: Kerry Gray on building her Graduate Portfolio

Kerry Gray - Podcast - Graduate Portfolio

#054: Case Study: Kerry Gray on building her Graduate Portfolio

Meeting the Graduate Standards at Uni. Does it feel HUGE?

At the beginning of your degree did a lecturer mention something called a graduate e-Portfolio?  

A document that has to show you’ve met all of the graduate focus areas?

Have you started yours yet?

What’s the vibe like, at uni, when you start talking about building something that his 37 graduate focus area?

The pre-service teacher facebook group over on Edufolios often gets busy just before the end of the last semester as everyone rushes to finalise (or start…eik!) their teacher portfolio.

We have literally thousands of pre-service teachers using Edufolios.  Very successfully

So, I reached out to someone I knew had absolutely NAILED their portfolio.

Top Tips and Advice for getting a High Distinction for your Teacher Portfolio.

In this week’s episode, we are joined by very recent graduate Kerry Gray.

 She recently completed her portfolio for the Graduate standards and did very well./ 49/50!

 I asked her to share her secrets to success with us.

If you’re a pre-service teacher who knows you need to get your portfolio done, a uni. lecturer asking them to complete it or a mentor working with someone on their prac. then this special case-study episode will have some invaluable insights for you. 

She answers questions like:

  • What do you think this portfolio thing is actually FOR?
  • How long did it take you?
  • When should  I start?
  • Did you just include prac reports and class practice or did you add assignments too?

She also talks about the “so-what factor”.  Something, that if you focus on too, will really help you get impressive marks!

If you’re an experienced teacher, here are two reasons to listen to this episode:

  • You’re mentoring or supporting a pre-service teacher at your site
  • You’re wondering what this portfolio business is all about.
Tune in.. we’re all going to learn something new 🙂 

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