Online learning. A solution for temporary School Closure

Are you ready for that?

It seems, right now, that Education technology is being called on to solve a problem of distance  (or online) learning during temporary school closures.

I have been an Education Technology specialist for many years.  I may even have worked with some you in your schools integrating technology into your curriculums.

Edufolios was born out of that edtech knowledge because I knew that technology could solve the problems I was experiencing with accreditation and registration. 

So, because I know Edtech, this is a very special episode of the Reflective Teacher Podcast and it’s the focus is a little different to usual.

On FB, Instagram and Twitter millions of educators around the world are grappling with suddenly having to think about online learning.

They’re using it to mimic what they would do in their usual teacher life. To deliver lessons via webcam so they can reach isolated students, to share files via online repositories (instead of handing them out) and even recording hours of video to share information with their students.

The thing is…

What we do in our Face to face classroom doesn't necessarily work online

We can already see those who have been teaching online for 6 weeks in China asking questions about how to keep their students connected with each other, how to validate that they’re doing the work set, how to ensure that the or students are engaged in the work and not the tech.

It’s not that we’re doing it wrong! 

Not at all

It’s that we’re being asked to do something that (for a lot of us) is completely alien and pretty intimidating

Hands up who Loves to be on camera?

I thought so 😉

If you’re facing planning to work online with your students or you’re in the thick of it all right now then I want you to tune in.

I’ve brought Professor Eddie Blass (creator of The Inventorium) back to share what she has learnt about

  • The features and tools that help you reach your students more effectively 
  • Resources you can use to save you time
  • How to support students as they get to know this new space too
  • How long online lessons should be
  • The surprising ways in which learning becomes evident in these spaces

Tune in to gain her insights and add to your tool kit.  She has some amazing ideas for you!

Scroll down to find resources, professional development opportunities and other things mentioned during our time in the interview

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