#058: Owning the teaching standards (Before They Own You)

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#058: Owning the teaching standards (Before They Own You)

What comes first? Teaching Practice or Teaching Standards?

When I say “The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers” what emotion does that conjure up?

Now let’s add the word “Accreditation” or even “Portfolio”

What kind of response are you having?

For many teachers, that little (ok, not so little) rubric creates instant tension. A feeling of judgement, overwhelm with a hint of annoyance.

I can totally understand that. There’s a lot of pressure to use them to prove ourselves. To demonstrate that we’ve met a certain level of proficiency and with that come a whole heap of paperwork that often seems to disconnect from our students and the learning and teaching we’re doing all day, every day. 

It feels like ANOTHER thing we have to do.

It's time to re-frame the conversation about the teacher standards

The thing is,

Those standards are just a rubric.

Just like the rubrics we give our students every day.

How we choose to receive, respond and react to that rubric is down to us and there is another way to frame this conversation.

In this week’s episode, I dive into some of the simple steps you can take to take ownership of the standards.

To use them to empower our teaching and re-connect with the impact we’re having every day

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