Remote Learning!? If I'm not with them, in my Classroom, how can I ensure my students are really learning?

I get this question, I really do. We’re not used to remote learning! We’ve been used to working in one particular way for a very long time and, as our government is keen on saying. We’re being asked to make changes in 10 days that would normally take 10 years.

If we’re not in our classroom, working face to face with our students, then we can’t use our usually professional ‘spidey senses’ to guide us as we go.

Now, our students are sitting in their own homes with countless distractions, heightened stress-levels and technology doesn’t feel the same as your usual, safe, comfortable classroom. Remote, online Learning feels totally alien but..

..Online teaching has been used sucessfully for a very long time..

The online teaching and course creation community have been working using the internet for a long while and with proven success.

More important than the technology we choose to use, is the need to be clear about how we measure the impact of our new teaching and learning style.

We need to be able to make judgements as we enter this new way of working, which help us to ensure that the kids are getting the quality education they deserve.

In this episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast, we explore some ways in which you can select pedagogies and activities that will help you to validate the impact your new learning and teaching is having on your students. It’s really important right now, that you know that all of this work is worth it!

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