Behaviour Management in Online Learning

Kids online! They just don't behave as they would in my normal classroom!

Kids interrupting your carefully planned online learning.  Adding emojis and strange noises as you chat, pressing buttons and disrupting your video broadcasts.  Not turning up when you’ve asked them to and attending classes that they shouldn’t even  be in.

It’s already hard enough working in this new online environment.  When the kids seem to have found a million loopholes around the system and doing things that they just shouldn’t be doing.  What can you do?  It’s just no like it was in your classroom face to face, is it? Behaviour was so much better when you could see each other and hold space together in a real room.

I get it, I really do. You’ve trained and spent years working with one thing in common.  A physical classroom environment with walls, extra teaching staff and the support of your colleagues and this feels so alien!

What makes you think you can't have boundaries and support in an online classroom too?

Be honest with me for a moment. In all the flurry of preparation for online learning exactly how much time have you spent considering how your behaviour management strategies and school policies are going to translate into your online environment?

If it’s little to none.. then you aren’t alone. 

This is something I’ve spent time talking about with many schools in the last few weeks.  In this episode of the Reflective Teacher podcast, we’re talking behaviour management strategies in an online environment.  What do we need to consider? What do we need to prepare and how on earth can we use support staff and our colleagues to help us with behaviour management issues?

Tune in to find out how.

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