Got questions and concerns about safeguarding kids online?

Standard four of the Australian Professional Standards talks about “Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments”. We’re all used to doing that in our traditional, face to face, learning communities.

As we experiment and work (at lightning speed) to get to grips with online learning, keeping students safe is something that deserves our attention. It’s super important that we safeguard the safety of the students (and the teachers) as we work together in this new way.

We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on what we’re going to teach and how we’re going to deliver it. In this week’s episode, I want to talk about the spaces students need to exercise their connections with each other.

Safeguarding doesn't necessarily mean "Turn it off"

Let’s remember that our students are also required to learn some skills around community engagement. They too, must be able to demonstrate that they can use ICT safely, ethically and Responsibly. It’s all there in the ICT general capability.

In this episode, we touch on copyright and sharing IP as well as the work that needs to be done to give our students the space to have a community in which they can continue to grow their relationships with one another and stay truly connected.

We discuss the boundaries and expectations that need to be in place and check-in with what’s actually happening when we turn off these features.

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