Every time I work with an online learning environment, I see teachers do the same thing...

It becomes a space for sharing files.  A virtual filing cabinet full of worksheets, readings, links to youtube and more.  The focus always seems to go to content.  Whether we’re using Moodle, Google Classroom or Teams.. the first thought goes to the resources we’ll be sharing. The thing is…

If I was to ask those same teachers whether teaching was all about delivering content and getting it to stick in a students mind, they’d likely be a little taken-a-a back.  Of course, teaching and learning is about so much more than that.  

Teaching and learning requires culture, routine, boundaries to test, relationship building and so much more..

and that’s why, in this week’s podcast, I’m asking you to look not just at standard two.. but also at standard four of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.  What, about your online learning environment, helped you with:

  • Student participation (4.1)
  • Managing Classroom activities (not stuff) (4.2)
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour (4.3)
In this episode, we dive beyond the digital filing cabinet to explore how online learning connects to all of these touchpoints and more.  Because this can get deep… I’ve also included a download for you to use to help organise your thoughts.  Just pop your email address into the box below and the system will be triggered to send it right your way!

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