Artificial Intelligence in Assessment, teaching and learning

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Even in your classroom

Seriously, artificial intelligence and machine learning are there… even if you hadn’t realised.  In this episode, I want to show you where you’ll find it (And more importantly) we’re going to discuss what you can do with it.  If you’re skeptical about it’s ability to help your students then you wouldn’t be alone.  If you’re excited about the possibilities? Even better!

When I first saw AI assessing students and it was suggested to me that it could “reduce my workload” by it doing some of my job, I got defensive.  How could a machine possibly mark as I do?  If I don’t mark it myself, how will I be able to interpret what I’m reading and then make changes to my planning (5.4)?  Well, in this episode I share how I moved from skeptical to excited about the possibilities of this technology in assessment and planning.  As a result, i’m hoping to give you something important to reflect on in your Edufolio too. 

Machine Learning can give us time to increase our impact where it matters.

AI can’t be used for all things. But, when it comes to Yes/No, Black and white, closed questions it can be really useful.  Let me explain why I changed my mind.  In today’s episode, I’m going to share the work of Dr. David Kellermann, lecturer in the school of engineering at the University of New South Wales.  He has taken Artificial Intelligence in teaching and learning to a whole new level and really got me thinking about what that might look like in our classrooms

We’ll talk about Microsoft Forms and it’s self-marking tools.  These simple tools can be a nice introduction to assessment with Artificial intelligence and I’ll even introduce you to Presenter Coach in Powerpoint.

If you want to have a go with Presenter Coach, enter your emails address and name into this box and it will wing it’s way over to you 🙂   


Don’t forget to look for my instructions in the notes section AND to send me a photo of your results. I’d love to know what this little experiment in Artificial Intelligence sparks in you.  What ways can you think of to use presenter coach in your classrooms?  DM me on Insta or Twitter and share!  

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