Selfish, Selfless, Self-full?

As teachers, we are often called to lift up the spirits of young people and our colleagues.   We re very well versed in the ways of selflessness and, often feel selfish if we choose to take time out for ourselves. 

What happens though when life is busy making other plans? When something de-rails you and pulls the brakes really hard?

When you stop, the world keeps spinning and nothing bad happens. Honest.

In this podcast I’m being really honest with you.  I learnt a new word… “self-fill” and, over the last few months I’ve had to learn what that really means for me.  This new word has given be a much deeper perspective on teacher wellbeing and, in this episode,  want to share what i’ve learnt and reflect on what that means for me and even for my view on our profession. 

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