Woman holding exam paper. Where did Assessment go in your portfolio

"I hate talking about Assessment in my Portfolio"

Assessment.  What is that for?

If it’s so we can check in on the progress of our students then it makes sense that the results of assessment would provide us with copious artefacts for our portfolios.  In fact, we should need assessment to inform copious amounts of focus areas whether they’re in standard 5 or not.  So, why is it then that standard five “assessment, reporting – “Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning” is one of the least represented standards in our portfolios?

Let's take a moment to consider what assessment is for and how we're using it.

This episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast is the first in a short series on the subject of assessment.  In it, I share some thought about what assessment is actually for.  I pose the question… is it helpful to see assessments as formative or summative and challenge you to think deeply about the connections between the assessments you’re conducting and the way in which you’re using what those assessments show you,

We explore how one assessment could form the basis of decisions made in at least seven other focus areas across the standards.  Assessment is super important to so many aspects of learning and teaching.  It’s time to explore whether we’ve just forgotten to connect the dots,

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