Assessment happens at the end of a unit right?

Summative assessment practice may have us thinking that we can’t really measure our students progress until they sit that test, write that final piece for the exam or finish their coursework.  Alternatively, formative assessment might be a great way to check in now and then, but is it really a useful piece of data that I can use to measure impact?  

er.. yes.

Especially, if we have a look at some of the different assessment strategies found in pedagogical practices like Assessment for Learning

What if assessment was a part of your practice every lesson?

Assessment for learning is a process or practice that makes assessment one of the key features of every single lesson.  It changes everything, from the way in which you communicate and frame learning to how your students are enabled to take ownership of their own learning journeys. 

If you’re keen to explore how assessment can be used really powerfully to really drive everything else you do in your classroom then it’s time to explore Assessment for Learning in more detail.  

That’s exactly what we’re doing this week on The Reflective Teacher Podcast!

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