2,960,000,000 people in the world have a fixed mindset. Are you one of them?

Recently, I bought my 8-year-old son a book. It’s called “You Are Awesome – Find your confidence and dare to be brilliant at (almost) anything” and it’s written by British Ping Pong Champion turned motivational speaker and author, Matthew Syed. It used two characters to tell its story; Kid Awesome and Kid Average. As I went through this book with my son, I was quietly surprised to note that, despite my research and ability to teach growth mindset, I had a lot to learn from Kid Awesome.

In this episode, I ask you to think a little deeper about your mindset around accreditation, around teaching and your abilities as a teacher. Using Matthew Syed’s work, we explore what it takes to be an “Awesome Teacher” or Teacher awesome – if we follow his format

Let's take the opportunity to stop, reflect and move towards Awesome!

If you’re busy thinking things like, “growth Mindset, not that again” then I want you to pause… because…well… that reveals a bit of a fixed mindset doesn’t it? The ability to decide that you have nothing new to learn from a new perspective…that’s fixed.
As I read this book with my son, I was challenged in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Challenged to consider my phrasing and attitudes and what I was modelling to him, myself and my students. Matthew’s book got me thinking and connecting some dots.
Join me as we talk about 4 key things we can consider in 2021 as we move one step closer to awesomeness!

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