"The bell doesn't dismiss you! I do!"

Have you ever found yourself working through a process in your classroom, at your site or in your professional career and thinking… “I can see a different way.. This is so frustrating”?

I know that many of you feel that way about teacher accreditation, that’s for sure, (That’s why Edufolios exists).  Have you ever considered how we find ourselves emulating what came before without ever realising it? If we’re honest, there are many times in our career where we find ourselves borrowing lines from our old teachers.  We emulate what came before us, without a second thought. Phrases like “The bell doesn’t dismiss you. I do!” come spilling out of your mouth almost unconsciously.  They aren’t your words, there’ your  tear 8 Math’s teachers words… and you’re using them.   The same is true when we become leaders.  In some ways, we might follow the example that was set.  Should we?

Culture is a huge part of Education because Education is about people.  So many of us end up feeling frustrated inside of that culture.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard teachers give up on their innovative ideas because there are no resources, head office wouldn’t like it or they’re just scared to speak up and jeopardise their position at their site. All of these are real issues.  Issues that hold us all back if we let them.

"...we need to create conditions, where people feel that they can share their thoughts and their ideas without pushback."

Our guest this week is George Couros.  Some of you may have met George has he toured around Australia eight years ago.  I know he left a significant footprint on the educators he was working with here in Adelaide. George is the author of two books “The Innovator’s Mindset” and “Innovate Inside the Box.” and is a passionate storyteller.  His years of experience as teacher, principal and department leader over in Canada have sparked some amazing insights that are shared in these books.  Inspired by his most recent book ““Innovate Inside the Box.” I talked to George about:

  • How the way we see compliance (teacher accreditation) can be transformed from an obligation to empowerment.
  • School leadership and the important role that plays in creating a safe environment. One where, a teacher with a great idea has the freedom to share it,  to feel heard – without fear. 

We talk about the importance of being open to new ideas, to new experiences. In fact, one experience he had here, in Adelaide, helped shape the way he structures his professional learning days all over on the other side of the world. 

It’s time to consider what influences your practice, how you make space to connect with and learn from that and, most importantly, how your students know what you’ve been learning and benefit from it.

Tune in to hear some amazing examples of innovation.  Some practical tips to support you in transforming your practice and some insights into how being concious of the choices and mindsets you have in your professional life can hold you back or help you (and your team) flourish.

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