#087: The Teaching Standards are NOT the ANSWER

question marks surrounded by the statement. The teaching standards are not the answer

#087: The Teaching Standards are NOT the ANSWER

"They see the standards as the answer, not the question..."

When you approach the Australian Professional Standards for teachers. When you look at the rubric, what do you see? For so many, they see the answer sheet. You know, the document you have alongside as you check off your evidence. The document that tells you whether you’re doing it ok. The thing that enables a judgement to be passed. 

We’ve been talking to a lot of principals recently about adding the Principal standards into the Edufolios platform and a lot of them are feeling disconnected with their standards too. I’ve heard the standards be labelled as “not relevant” to early childhood, to outdoor ed, to special ed, to gifted ed. That’s only possible if we give them a context that restrains them. If we turn them into the answer.

What's stopping you from seeing the Standards as a question?

What if we approach the standards in the same way we would ask our students to approach a problem or enquiry they were facing? What if, instead of seeing them as the tick sheet, the mark book, the answer… we moved towards seeing them as goalposts? Goalposts and weigh points that guide us on a journey of exploration and critical thinking about our own practice. 

If we choose to see the standards as a tool that can guide us to better understanding what happens to the process of accreditation? What happens to our levels of impact in our classroom?

These are the questions we are tackling in this week’s episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast. We talk fear, overwhelm, conditions and more…  

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